When I was a child, a long time ago, ghosted was something you did on Halloween. Now the word has a phenomenon that is sadly increasing in frequency. It’s not uncommon for candidates to disappear aka ghosted during interviews but now it’s being taken one step further. Here’s an article recently published by the CEO of CareerBuilder.

Gen Z, currently aged 8 to 23 years old, are the youngest generation entering the workforce. And they’re already forcing employers to make changes to company culture, diversity, and inclusion.

However, they do other things a bit differently, according to Career Builder’s CEO Irina Novoselsky.

“We’re actually seeing ‘ghosting’ [by] Gen Z,” Novoselsky told Yahoo Finance (video above). “So they just take a job and do not show up. Or they quit a job and do not let their employer know, they just don’t show up and leave a badge.”

And it turns out Gen Zers are not the only ones giving their employers an Irish goodbye. So are millennials, who are currently aged 24 to 39 and the largest generation in the workforce.

Half of millennials and Gen Zers have ghosted an employer for a higher paying job opportunity elsewhere, the Randstad 2020 U.S. Compensation Insights survey finds.

Source: Career Builder’s CEO: Young people are ‘ghosting’ employers

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