From the Boothbay Register a wonderful small town weekly that also send out a daily message. I thought he editorial was very prescient so am sharing here.

Wed, 03/25/2020 – 8:45am

I think the key to not going stark-raving mad during this time is to plan your days. I am lucky. I can still work remotely and putting in 8-plus hours a day is no problem. But I know there are many, many people who aren’t working and are living in fear, not knowing how long this pandemic will last.

A friend, posted something on Facebook which made a lot of sense about how to allay your fears a bit about our situation. Here are his suggestions and my take on them:

–Take a breath – Take many to bring your stress level down and bring your mind into focus.

–Less TV – The more you watch the press conferences, the news, etc., the more apt you are to get stressed.

–Stay active – Get out of your chair and do something constructive.

–Keep in contact with relatives and friends by phone, text or email – A friendly voice or information does wonders to reduce your stress level.

–Exercise – Inside or outside, you can do anything to remain active.

The unknowing is the toughest part of this situation but try to take each day as it comes. Plan ahead and work on reducing your stress level.

And pray.

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